Shooting was my hobby, which has grown to job, my entrepreneurship, and is my whole life.

There were a times when I was shooting 14 disciplines and was very concentrating on a rating of “universal shooter”. From dynamic shooting sports, through clay pigeon disciplines, till the long-range. Basically all possible shooting sports. But with having less and less of a free time, I had to specialize and concentrate only for selected few. In those I was without any real trainig or strive somehow spontaneously getting better … till I have gained the nickname “AlwaysSecond”, due to all those countless silver medals reached … Well, those golden ones are going around me, and rightfully they belong to those that are hard training, fitnessing, working on physics, really … working on it hard.

Famous singer Waldemar Matuška once said: “I admire Karel Gott, how he trains hard, how he works on himself everyday, all that bloody effort and work. And that is why he really deserves all those golden trophies. I just come, sing some song … and am again second.”

And this is close to my “destiny to have always silver medal”, which I have a long series (not only from my country), about 7. But golden? Never. But … thats the way life goes.

May be one day !!! 😉