Accessory development

I was also developing shooting equipment and accessories, when there was some spared time, … if they were missing on the market. Nowadays the market offer is so wide, that there is not necessity to develop its own products. Is enough to chose from the wide variety of products offered… and done. Therefore I am not developing anything anymore. Only when it concerns BestPatron Rifles … there is always what to make better !


Due to very wide offer of products, there is still harder and harder to make a right choice. There are many products, that are mainly sold due to extensive marketing and “Brain-Washing”. Producers can “very properly explain and document” why the product is just great… but when you buy it, very soon you find out, that “it is not that good or working at all”. Those products are just multiplying and multiplying. And shooters are strange breed: when they have a problem with teeth … they go to dentist. When they have a problem with bakery … they go to baker. But when they have a problem with firearms … they go buddies and comrades. Why they do not go to specialist in firearms business? Because many firearms dealers will just push them what they want or need to sell them. That is why not too many firearms dealers are being trusted by the customers… but BestPatron is different. We are trying as in sales so in development to support the products “that make sense” and really do what they are supposed to do. Those that are really bringing added value and satisfaction to a customer … but not always it is really seeked by the customer. Sometimes they already come inn “Brain-Washed”, and then it is hard…

But we are still trying to deliver good advice and help to overcome this mess … and find what you are looking for.